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50 Cent Song Lyrics of the day - Love Song Tonight

[verse1- 50 Cent]
Yeah, giving one comes back for the street
We feel a pain deep
We see what we're today
We want and we go to be in our way
You know that to move itself with me she has that to pay
He was paid!
I'm certain of this, I want to make this thing
This shit, today we're above of this everything
Nigga outside falls of this shit, is nigga
It looks at for me, preparing the party nigga
Covering, rains wine nigga
Girl I on of you for real
She has certainty, nothing of blue pill
Only we two, go to forget this kill
You like this game? of my fame?
You he saw that I deserve one pane
If he did not want this so that you lode
Some positions and some mode
As well as things in me my money is long
Now as you want? For backwards or for the front?
I'm King kong, I listen to this song

[chorus- 50 Cent]
Girl for top, and now down
Girl which position wants now?
For the sides, left and right
I'm black rich not poor white

[verse2- 50 Cent]
Girl for top, the sides and down
She carries through its fantasy now
I'm a man strong, and not greasy
He makes a difficult game, is not so easy
Or then I go to make that again
My money is pretty, does not need pretend
Which its fantasy? I put one I mask
We can make slowly, or you want fast
We go this is starting to be good
This can roll all the night
I go for fire with the extinguished light
We go to play of orgy counts up to 9
I'm the man who you want, that man
He speaks, cries out when to feel pain
It's not a ponographic film, more is a scene

[chorus- 50 Cent]
Girl for top, and now down
Girl which position wants now?
For the sides, left and right
I'm black rich not poor white

[verse3- 50 Cent]
It keeps in the head, this moment is special
I chose well, I look at you I am in fhasion
When we pass in the street all we look at it
We two place fire in all the city
He makes this, that, what to want
I took you in the moon, trip for the sky
If to ask who to you made, was made by...
I'm a man covered of honey, best in the sex
Unfolding, we go to make inside of chest
Girl dances for me, dances for me, me
She is being hot, comes to top of me
All already know what it happens in this room
All already imagine the scene
They know that who is here is the 50 Cent
It's not trick, illusion, magic, is mine magic
They do not imagine, girls run this is fact
In this scene I shine, this is finishes it act
If suicidal if I not to release you
I do not catch fire if to kiss you (muah)

[talking- 50 Cent]
Girl yields everything, does not make type
It's the hour of the truth girl, tonight!!!
This is the scene, round bed and colorful lights!!!

composição: Curtis J. Jackson and Renan Cruz

All lyrics are property and copyright of their respective authors.
All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. © 2009-2016 C.G.R. @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

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