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Enjoy our June 2015's collection of the -1 most listened free music videos of Bing Crosby to listen and watch online. At bottom of page you can found the lyric of the song Soon, the possible to leave your comments about B.C., and 10 Album CD's (likes Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First..), MP3 and discography to buy from Amazon. We recommend listening to the albums and songs Classics and Christmas with Bing, Ain T Got A Dime To My Name and Walking The Floor Over You.

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Bing Crosby Song Lyrics of the day - Soon

Soon, the lonely nights will be ended,
soon, two hearts as one will be blended.
i've found the happiness i've waited for,
the only girl that i was fated for.
Oh! soon, a little cottage will find us
safe with all our cares far behind us.
the day you're mine this world will be in tune,
let's make that day come soon.
Soon, my dear, you'll never be lonely,
soon, you'll find i live for you only.
when i'm with you who cares what time it is
or what the place or the climate is?
Oh! soon, our little ship will become sailing
home through every storm, never failing,
the day you're mine this world will be in tune,
let's make that day come soon.

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