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Enjoy our February 2017's collection of the 5 most listened free music videos of Children of Bodom (including the songs Lookin Out My Back Door and In The Shadow) to listen and watch online. At bottom of page you can found the lyric of the song Chokehold, the possible to leave your comments about C.O.B., and 10 Album CD's (likes Holiday At Lake Bodom 15 Years Of..), MP3 and discography to buy from Amazon. We recommend listening to the albums and songs In Your Face and Follow the Reaper, Needled 24/7 and Cry Of The Nihilist.

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Bed Of Razors
Tokyo Warhearts

In The Shadow
Bestbreeder From 1997 to 2000

Lookin Out My Back Door

[Cover] [Video]

The Trooper

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Children of Bodom Song Lyrics of the day - Chokehold

mine field is called the place i'm living in,
carefully watching each and every step i take.
bright white straight jacket chokes me off
my eyes are tired...

i... feel the cold steel on my forehead.
like... binding pleasure of being dead.

downward future! i descend...
and chokehold til' the end...

i'm flushed like the booze i hammer down,
like a piece of trash to be kicked all around.
when would be a time for a better day?
my cocked 'n' loaded soulmate leads the way.

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