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Cliff Richard Song Lyrics of the day - Yesterday, Today, Forever

when did you becomethe topic of conversation,
when did you become this countrycs
popular myth
seems that overnight you caught
everybodycs attention
everybody sings about you and your name
bounces off their lips

when did you become superstar of
this generation
and when did you become commercial property
everybodycs got their own sweet lord,
hear them sing
looking here, looking there but they just donct
seem sweet

were you a guru, a godly man,
or where you a genius, the best in the land

i read in the paper that you were back in fashion
amongst the famous men you were high on the list
donct they realise that fashioncs a passing fancy

the truth is yesterday, today, forever
youcll be staying
yesterday, today, forever never wavering
you stated who you were and that will
never change
like it or not youcll always be the same
son of god

like it or not, yesterday, today, forever (x6)
yesterday, today, forever, like it or not

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