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Kenny Rogers Song Lyrics of the day - I Prefer The Moonlight

i prefer the moonlight

when temptinc eyes ccross the room
said to me icd love to be with you
icm not tempted for a moment
i just think about my woman
my baby calls me on the phone
telling me i need to hurry home
well the hurryinc is easy
ccause shecs waiting up
with all the love icm needinc

i prefer the moonlight, and a blanket
and the one right little lady by my side
thatcs what i like
i prefer a late drive down the turnpike
with the moonlight shininc so bright
got her by my side
thatcs what icd like
when itcs magic moment time,
i prefer the moonlight

the river plays a quiet song
she and i lay down and play along
shecs her mothercs lovely daughter
moonlight dances on the water
the moon is full and so am i
i look at her and feel like i could cry
but my tears contain no sorrow
ccause i know shecll wake up by my side tomorrow

i prefer...

morninc noon and night,
when the feelinc comes around
somewhere in some sky
that olc moon is surely shininc bright

i prefer...

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