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Enjoy our August 2017's collection of the 8 most listened free music videos of Sinead O Connor (including the songs War and Don T Cry For Me Argentina) to listen and watch online. At bottom of page you can found the lyric of the song Red Football, the possible to leave your comments about S.O.C., and 10 Album CD's (likes The Lion And The Cobra), MP3 and discography to buy from Amazon. We recommend listening to the albums and songs No Mans Woman and I Am Stretched On Your Grave.

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Don T Cry For Me Argentina

Gloomy Sunday

Nothing Compares 2 U

Silent Night

The Parting Glass


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Sinead O Connor Song Lyrics of the day - Red Football

i'm not no red football
to be kicked around the garden
no no
i'm a red christmas-tree ball
and i'm fragile
i'm not no animal
though i am to you
i'm not no crocodile
like the one in dublin zoo
who lived in a cage
the length and breadth of his body
with a window which people would look through
and throw coins on his back to taunt him
'though he couldn't move
even if he wanted to

i'm not no animal in the zoo
i'm not no whipping boy for you
you may not treat me like you do
i'm not no animal in the zoo
my skin is not a football for you
my head is not a football for you
my body's not a football for you
my womb is not a football for you
my heart is not a football for you
i'm not no animal in the zoo
this animal will jump up and eat you
i'm not no animal in the zoo
and i've every intention
of leaping up and getting you

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