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Ted Nugent Song Lyrics of the day - Great White Buffalo

well, listen everybody,
to what i got to say.
there's hope for tomorrow,
ooh,we're workin'on today.
well,it happened long time ago,
in the new magic land.
the indian and the buffalo,
they existed hand in hand....
the indian needed food,
he needed skins for a roof.
but he only took what they needed,baby.
millions of buffalo were the proof.
yeah,its all right.
but then came the white man,
with his thick and empty head.
he couldnt see past the billfold,
he wanted all the buffalo dead.
it was was sad.
oh yeah...yes indeed.
oh yes,
it happened a long time ago,baby.
in the new magic land.
see,the indian and the buffalo,
they existed hand in hand.
the indians,they needed some food,
and some skins for a roof.
they only took what they needed,baby.
millions of buffalo were the proof,yeah.
but then came the white dogs,
with their thick and empty heads.
they couldnt see past the billfold.
they wanted all the buffalo dead.
everything was so sad.

when i looked above the canyon wall,
some strong eyes did i see.
i think its somebody comin' around
to save my ass,baby.
i think...i think he's comin' around
to save you and me.

i said, above the canyon wall...
strong eyes did glow.
it was the leader of the land,baby.

oh my god,
the great white buffalo.....
look out!!!! look out!!!!!!!

well,he got the battered herd.
he led em cross the land.
with the great white buffalo,
they gonna make a final stand.

the great white buffalo,
comin'around to make a final stand.
well,look out here he comes.

the great white buffalo,baby.
the great white buffalo....
look out,here he comes.
he's doin'all right.

makin'everything all right.

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